Budget excerpt: New hotel development prospects high

Madam Speaker, Government supports efforts aimed at increasing the number of export-ready rooms, and is partnering with the private sector, to improve the hotel plant on the country. There is much interest in the real estate option of the Citizenship By Investment Programme (CBIP), and the opportunity it provides to investors interested in constructing high quality rooms in Dominica. One hundred and sixty (160) rooms are expected to be constructed in the Cabrits under the Range/Kempinski Hotel Development.

Two other tourism infrastructure projects have received approval in principle, and these are currently being further assessed, with a view to granting full approval. The two projects which have been approved in principle, are the construction of a hotel at Picard which will consist of two hundred and one (201) rooms, and another at Grand Savanne, Salisbury with a room complement of seventy-three (73).

Three additional projects are also being reviewed, with one being a hotel project in the Soufriere area which will consist of ninety (90) rooms.

The completion of the Cabrits Hotel Resort and Spa, funded jointly by the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Government of Dominica, will add sixty-eight (68) marketable rooms to the hotel stock.

All of these new hotels will create significant direct employment opportunities in construction, provision of hotel services and other indirect jobs in support sectors like agriculture and fishing.