Budget excerpt: In support for local agriculture

Madam Speaker, in 2008 at the start of the global financial crisis and at a time when global oil prices were high and rising, prices of basic food commodities were increasing rapidly. Government sought to protect the population, by reducing the import duties on a number of food items. At that time, the import duty was reduced from rates ranging from 5 per cent to 20 per cent, to zero per cent.

A number of the meat items were included in that list. It is proposed that, the rate of import duty which existed in 2008 be re-instated on some of these items.

Description Rates of Duty/2008 reductions CET rates (reinstated)
Minced, ground) 0 5%
Other 0 5%
Cut with bone: other beef 0 5%
Boneless: other 0 5%
Frozen other 0 30%
Meat of goats 0 5%
Pig trotters 0 5%
Back and necks 0 0%
Wings 0 0%
Liver 0 20%
Other 0 20%
Meat of bovine animals salted or in brine 0 5%


The rates of import duty on chicken wings and backs and necks will remain at zero.

Madam Speaker, in the case of this particular measure, it is intended that the resultant additional revenue, would go towards the continued development and upgrade of the local livestock sector. In due course, it is hoped that the temptation to buy foreign, will give way to the commitment to supporting local.

Madam Speaker, this measure is taken at a time when final arrangements are being made for the completion of the abattoir, and financial support is being provided in this budget to increase production to supply the abattoir. With every step, Madam Speaker, we get closer to becoming self-sufficient in poultry and pork.