Dominica’s Opposition criticized

Roseau, Dominica – Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, has questioned the Opposition United Workers Party’s (UWP) recent opposition to the Caribbean Court of Justice. In an interview with the Caribbean Media Corporation, a UWP MP-hopeful, Thomson Fontaine stated “As a party we don’t believe that Dominica is ready for this move. We don’t believe it should have been done. There are still a lot of questions about the judiciary and the ability of our own people to preside over themselves.”

However Prime Minister Skerrit and Dominica Labour Party (DLP) leader said this is another display of the UWP being unfit for any leadership role in Dominica.

“Now, what is the UWP’s opposition to the court? They have not given you any reasons to the court as to why we should not go this way. The only thing Thompson has said is that we are not ready as a people to oversee our own affairs. Now, is this somebody who is aspiring to be a leader of a country or in Government saying that the Caribbean people are not mature enough, are not intelligent enough, are not capable enough to manage their own affairs? Then let us go back to before independence period.”

The Prime Minister has high praise for members of the judiciary in the Caribbean.

“In the Caribbean we have some of the brightest judges and lawyers you can find anywhere in the world. Sir Denise Byron has sat on many UN tribunals, many courts in Africa, for example, courts established by the UN; we have Caribbean jurists sitting on the ICC, on many international legal tribunals because of their qualifications, because of their experience and because of the judgments they have received. We have had in the Caribbean, even in Dominica, people like Dr. Liverpool and Justice Georges, may his soul rest in peace. All of these people are world renowned and world respected jurists and for the UWP to say as a Party that in the second decade of the 21st Century that we are not prepared, that we believe that a white person in England who does not know anybody in the Caribbean, who does not know about our life is more qualified than our own people to manage the affairs of our country, this is a very sad state, it tells you that the UWP is bereft of ideas, they are jumping like jumping jacks all over the place; today they support something tomorrow they oppose it and they next day they have something new to talk about.”

Listen to Prime Minister Skerrit’s full interview on this topic by selecting from the link below:


Roosevelt Skerrit on the CCJ

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