Govt Provides EC$462,600 for Residential and Charitable Institutions



The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica handed over cheques to representatives of seven Residential and Charitable Institutions in Dominica on Friday morning to support their Capital Works needs totaling EC$462,664.69.

Capital needs of these institutions include: plumbing, completion of a new building, electrical, painting, repairs to a roof, screening of windows, replacement of doors and door frames, fencing a property, water tank installation, installation of railings, installation of windows, showcase repairs, and repairs to washrooms.

The beneficiary institutions are: Mahaut Home ($4,403.41), Community Hostel ($200,000), House of Hope ($96,879.45), Infirmary ($22,000), Operation Youth Quake ($77,990.13), PACIS ($45,169.20), and Workshop for the Blind ($16,222.50).

Addressing the brief ceremony, Prime Minister Skerrit made an appeal to the young people of Dominica to get involved with these institutions and institutions like these and to engage in activities that don’t necessarily cost anything in order to help put a smile on the face of persons who use these facilities whether it is to provide a “pedicure or to read a book” to them.

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