Announcement of Marriott Hotel for Dominica

Marriott hotel for Dominica

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Remarks by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit at the announcement of a Marriott hotel for Dominica

This is indeed a proud and glorious moment for Dominica. When we spoke to you a few years back about taking Dominica to the next level; incorporation of major hotel brands such as Marriott International, was part of the progress envisioned.

This morning I readily and wholeheartedly applaud and congratulate Mr. Alick Lawrence and his fellow directors for the care and attention they have given to conceptualizing and developing this magnificent looking project. It makes me feel proud as a Dominican. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment as leader of this country!

Ladies and Gentlemen, very often we ask the Private sector to step forward and step up to the plate. Today, we are seeing a classic manifestation of this and I salute all concerned with bringing this project to the point of official launch today.

I also want to implore other Dominicans to let this be a source of inspiration to you to step forward and take the leap into entrepreneurship. This is our country and we need, as Dominicans, to take it where we want it to go!

As Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, I wish to formally welcome Marriott Resorts to Dominica. I wish to assure you, Sir, that my Government….is your government. We are here to facilitate your needs and to embrace ideas for enhancing your overall Dominica experience.

On a personal note, I must confess to lagging somewhat in my Marriott Rewards Membership in recent years, but I can assure you Sir, that ever so often my family and I will be stay-cationing here in Dominica at this resort, so as to expedite our march towards accessing affordable accommodations at other Marriott properties around the world.

For me, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is important that we do everything in our power, as a nation, to have this project started and completed on time, so that the Marriott brand can be used in the marketing of our country the world over.

Nature’s natural attributes have served us well over the years, but we believe that the incorporation of international brands such as Marriott, shall aid greatly in defining and redefining our island as a must-see locale in the Caribbean and the western world.

Please Sir, extend my very best wishes to the directors and management of Marriott International and assure them of this government’s firm commitment to enabling, facilitating and thereby rewarding the confidence they have demonstrated in Dominica and in our economy.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, this project could not have come at a better time for Dominica. Global events are creating an environment in which small island states like Dominica have to look within to craft and develop a formula for progress and success.

Great Britain, Canada, the United States and several countries in Europe and Eastern Asia are in transitional and transformational mode. It will be a while before their focus moves beyond the bounds of grappling with and managing their own social, geo-political and economic challenges.

Dominica, I am satisfied, is up to the challenge of rowing its boat ashore. We will continue to form alliances and to enhance relations with friendly nations, but we shall also roll back our shirt sleeves as a nation and get on with the job of building and developing this country of ours.

2017 will be a year of acceleration for several of the mooted projects and programs we have been articulating in recent years. We have had our challenges and our setbacks, but I am satisfied that the resilience and determination of our people, will see us through this period of global uncertainty.

The decision of Marriott Resorts to affix its luxury brand to a property in Dominica ought not to be trivialized. It speaks volumes of the high esteem in which Dominica is held by objective thinkers and observers in North America and the international community.

Such decisions are based on hard and studied facts and not impressions. Decisions to invest in a country and to lend one’s name to an Island are taken after long and careful thought, evaluation and consideration of all prevailing factors. We view this investment as a vote of confidence by Marriott in Dominica and we pledge, as a nation and as a government, to do all in our power to justify the confidence shown.

Minister Tonge has spoken of the many infrastructural programs earmarked for Roseau and the wider Dominica over the next few months. We are determined to enhance our environment and to make Dominica a safe and pleasurable place to visit and especially to traverse.

Once again, Ladies and Gentlemen, I congratulate the developers of this project and I say to them today….let us be diligent, but also let us move expeditiously to have this project completed on time, so that we can have the Marriott flag raised; to the point of blowing in the wind, from a modern, luxurious property right here on the nature isle of Dominica!

I wish you God’s Speed in your endeavors.

I thank you.