Tropical Wave-Related Advisory

A tropical wave presently affecting the region is expected to produce an increase in rainfall activity across Dominica tonight and into early tomorrow morning. As a result, persons in areas prone to flooding, landslides and falling rocks are advised to exercise extreme caution and to take the necessary action to protect life and property as grounds are already saturated.

Persons residing in the below-mentioned Special Disaster/Other Critical Areas are asked to pay particular attention to this advisory:

Special Disaster Areas

1. Bath Estate (Paradise Valley)

2. Dubique
3. Petite Savanne
4. Campbell
5. Coulibistrie
6. Pichelin
7. Petite Soufriere
8. Goodhope
9. San Sauveur

Other Critical Areas

1. Newtown/Citronier
2. Colihaut
3. Mahaut
4. Checkhall
5. Lower Canefield/River Estate

It is highly recommended that individuals who reside in the mentioned communities where possible should seek shelter in a safer location.

A message from the Emergency Operation Centre.