Special Disaster Areas Declared


Listen to my update this evening:

The Commonwealth of Dominica was severely impacted by Tropical Storm Erika on Thursday, August 27, 2015. As a consequence, the island experienced continuous rainfall measuring 10 inches over a 6-hour period.

This resulted in cresting of rivers and ravines, and extensive damage causing loss of life and displacement of hundreds of residents. There was also severe damage to our infrastructure: the Douglas-Charles Airport, the road networks, electricity, water, and telecommunication services were affected.

The Government, along with its regional and International partners, public and private sector, and civil society, is fully engaged in immediate response with a view to quick rehabilitation and recovery.

After broad consultation and on the advice of the Coordinator of Office of Disaster Management, I wish in the first instance, to declare the following locations as Special Disaster Areas:

  1. Bath Estate (Paradise Valley)
  2. Dubique
  3. Petite Savanne
  4. Campbell
  5. Coulibistrie
  6. Pichelin
  7. Petite Soufriere
  8. Good Hope
  9. San Sauveur

This declaration was deemed necessary in light of the relative severity in the loss of life and damage to property and the need for focused response, rehabilitation, and recovery.